Southern Westchester County telephone exchanges

The tables that this page leads to give the exchanges in use in Southern Westchester County (the parts of Westchester County that were dialable from New York City after 1950).

The choice of this area as a coverage region for this site is the result of making various compromises among possible ways to divide the country up. The area in question was originally served by the Westchester Telephone Company. However, WTC served a considerably larger area than the southern part of Westchester County which is covered in this page. For one thing, Westchester County included much of what is now the Borough of the Bronx in New York City. (Originally, it included all of what is now the Borough of the Bronx; however, parts of the present-day borough had already been annexed to New York City by 1874.) The northern extent of the WTC's coverage also went well beyond the range of this page; however, the reason for this has to do with later developments in the Telephone Company's calling procedures.

Three companies together covered the area around New York City, one of which was WTC; the others were the Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph Company, which served the Borough of Manhattan in New York City, and the New York and New Jersey Telephone Company, which served the (then separate) city of Brooklyn (today's borough of the same name) and a vast number of towns in today's boroughs of Queens and Staten Island, along with the rest of Long Island and a big portion of New Jersey. Though these were three separate companies, they apparently had a good enough relationship (the other two companies may have been controlled by the Metropolitan; or possibly all three were subsidiaries of American Bell Telephone) that a single book was issued containing the directories of all three companies. (At first, it was not really a consolidated directory, however; each company's directory was separately paginated and had its own typography and company-specific information, and it simply was a case of binding three directories in one cover.) This book covered a very large area, including MT&T's service area (today's Borough of Manhattan in New York City) and the entire service area of NY&NJTCo (well into New Jersey, as well as all of Long Island), as well as all of Westchester County, which was served by WTC.

In 1896 the Westchester Telephone Company and the Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph Company were merged, forming the New York Telephone Company (the name that survived until the 1984 breakup of the Bell System). The style of directory continued, though as time went on the format became more thoroughly consolidated, with NYTelCo's communities and NY&NJTCo's intermixed in one listing, alphabetical by community.

Even when it became apparent that one consolidated directory, jointly issued by NYTelCo and NJ&NYTCo, covering everything in New York City and its suburbs would be too large, the split was not made on the basis of company. The NYTelCo and NY&NJTCo listings for New York City's five boroughs got their own separate directory, while the listings for suburban points were placed together in a single directory in 1908; clearly city vs. suburban was considered more important than which of the two companies served the area, so the distinction between NYTelCo and NY&NJTCo was submerged, though both names appeared on directory covers and title pages until 1909.

With the passage of time, the suburban directories were further divided. Yet the area covered by this page was always included in a larger area, which by the 1940's had become the counties of Westchester and Putnam, as well as a small portion of Connecticut adjacent to the Westchester County line. The reason that the southern portion of Westchester County is treated separately from the rest of Westchester and Putnam Counties (which are here designated as the Northern 914 Area) is that these parts of Westchester County became dialable from New York City, without any code, in 1950, and their exchanges thus had to be distinct from both the Northern 914 exchanges and the New York City exchanges.

This section is organized in the same way as is each geographical section of this site: by exchange. There are three tables, which can be described as alphabetical, numeric, and alphabetical/numeric:

Alphabetic table of exchange names
Numeric table of exchange names
Alphabetic/Numeric table of exchange names

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Last modified September 8, 2015.

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