Pittsburgh telephone exchanges after August 13, 1949

The tables that this page leads to give the exchanges in use in the city of Pittsburgh, Pa. for the period after August 13, 1949, when Pittsburgh changed from two-letter to two-letter-one-digit exchanges.

In general, the change in Pittsburgh was simpler thn in most other cities, in that all that was done in most exchanges was to add a 1 to the exchange name. (There were minor exceptions, which will be explained in the alphabetical list of exchange names.)

This section is organized in the same way as is each geographical section of this site: by exchange. There are three tables, which can be described as alphabetical, numeric, and alphabetical/numeric:

Alphabetic table of exchange names
Numeric table of exchange names
Alphabetic/Numeric table of exchange names

Pittsburgh metropolitan area:
Metropolitan Pittsburgh main page
City Suburban
Main page of Pittsburgh city data Main page of Pittsburgh suburban data
Chronological periods of Pittsburgh city data: Chronological periods of the Pittsburgh suburban data:
Pre-dial period Early dial period Late dial period Pre-dial period Early dial period Late dial period

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Last modified September 19, 2015.

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