Telephone exchanges in the Northern 914 area

(numeric listing)

Please note that this table is still under construction. As a result, you cannot assume that I do not have data on those exchanges that are not listed. Instead, what you can more likely assume is that I just have not had time to enter the data yet.
Also, there are going to be a lot of dead links at the present time. This is because when I add data for a particular exchange to one table, I do not necessarily add the same exchange's data to all the other relevant tables. So please excuse these problems.
I do, however, want feedback on whether you like the format of this site and any suggestions you have for improving it. Please e-mail comments to me on those points.

This table is a list of the exchanges in use in the Northern 914 area (Dutchess, Putnam, Orange, and Rockland Counties, and those parts of Westchester County that were not dialable from New York City after 1950). Exchanges are listed in the order of the numeric equivalents of the three-letter prefixes. (For a table with the exchanges ordered alphabetically by exchange name, click here. For a table with the exchanges ordered by the two-letter prefixes and third digits, click here.)

The primary table for this era is the one ordered by exchange name, which contains more information on each exchange than is given here. To see the table entry for any exchange name in that table, click on the middle part of the name. In addition there is a table ordered by the combinations of two letters and 1 digit which can be reached by clicking either on the first two letters of the exchange name or the final digit.

Numeric value Exchange name
273 AR monk Village 3
234 BE dford Village 4
248 BI rchwood 8
279 BR ewster 9
225 CA rmel 5
232 CE ntral 2
241 CH appaqua 1
265 CO ld Spring 5
268 CO ngers 8
271 CR oton 1
277 CR oton Falls 7
351 EL mwood 1
356 EL mwood 6
358 EL mwood 8
359 EL mwood 9
424 GA rrison 4
477 GR eenwood Lake 7
429 HA verstraw 9
446 HI ghland Falls 6
528 LA keland 8
533 LE wisboro 3
628 MA hopac 8
666 MO unt Kisco 6
623 NA nuet 3
634 NE w City 4
669 NO rth Salem 9
697 NY ack 7
735 PE arl River 5
737 PE ekskill 7
739 PE ekskill 9
764 PO und Ridge 4
769 RO gers 9
753 SL oatsburg 3
763 SO uth Salem 3
786 ST ony Point 6
785 SU ffern 5
938 WE st Point 8
941 WI lson 1
962 YO rktown Heights 2

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Last modified February 19, 2015.

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