New Orleans telephone exchanges prior to June 11, 1927

(alphabetic listing)

Please note that this table is still under construction. As a result, you cannot assume that I do not have data on those exchanges that are not listed. Instead, what you can more likely assume is that I just have not had time to enter the data yet.
Also, there are going to be a lot of dead links at the present time. This is because when I add data for a particular exchange to one table, I do not necessarily add the same exchange's data to all the other relevant tables. So please excuse these problems.
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The following table lists exchange names used in New Orleans prior to June 11, 1927 (the date of opening of the first dial exchange in New Orleans). They are ordered alphabetically by exchange name. (Since no dialing was done, an alphabetical list is the only one that makes sense.)

Under "Subsequent exchange" is listed the name of the exchange that replaced it, taken from the "early dial" chart, with clickable links to that table. The specific table will be chosen depending on whether you click on the name or the two-digit equivalent.

Exchange name Start date Subsequent exchange End date
Algiers 1906 ALgiers 25 1927
Cedar 1925 CEdar 23 1927
Galvez 1911 GAlvez 42 1927
Hemlock 1906 FRanklin 37 1927
Jackson 1909 JAckson 52 1927
Main 1879/1903
(See Note 1)
MAin 62 1927
Uptown 1903 UPtown 87 1927
Walnut 1910 Walnut 92 1927

NOTE 1: This was the original New Orleans telephone exchange. It was opened in 1879, but was only given the "Main" name after the second exhange, "Uptown," was opened in 1903.

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