Pittsburgh area telephone exchanges

This section of the Web site is devoted to the metropolitan Pittsburgh area, as defined by the map below, which is based on a map in the Pittsburgh telephone directory issued by the Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania. It should be noted that some sections are shown with the exchange names from the late dial period, emphasizing the first two letters of the exchange, and others are shown with only community names; this is because the map is an actual one from the transition period, after the numbers had been changed in the areas which have their late-dial-period exchange names.

Most of the service in this area was provided by Bell of Pennsylvania. However, several communities in the northern portion of the area were served by an independent company, the North Pittsburgh Telephone Company. Since NPTC coordinated its service with Bell of Pennsylvania, it will be covered within the section of this site which deals with suburban Pittsburgh.

Please note that the links in the table below do not all work yet. The appropriate pages will be added shortly.

Pittsburgh metropolitan area:
Metropolitan Pittsburgh main page
City Suburban
Main page of Pittsburgh city data Main page of Pittsburgh suburban data
Chronological periods of Pittsburgh city data: Chronological periods of the Pittsburgh suburban data:
Pre-dial period Early dial period Late dial period Pre-dial period Early dial period Late dial period

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Last modified February 19, 2015.

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