Cleveland area telephone exchanges

For the purposes of this site, the region is divided into two areas:

  1. The city of Cleveland and
  2. An inner suburban area which is defined as the area that was dialable directly from the city without any code.

To help with the location of numeric prefixes, a table is provided which gives, for all 3-digit prefixes, the name of the exchange and the specific area (of the two mentioned) in which it belongs.

Please note that the links in the table below do not all work yet. The appropriate pages will be added shortly.

Cleveland metropolitan area:
Metropolitan Cleveland main page
City Suburban
Main page of Cleveland city data Main page of Cleveland suburban data
Chronological periods of Cleveland city data: Chronological periods of the Cleveland suburban data:
Pre-dial period Early dial period Late dial period Pre-dial period Early dial period Late dial period

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Last modified September 16, 2015.

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