Los Angeles metropolitan area telephone exchanges in the early dial period

All information which I have been able to obtain on Los Angeles telephone exchanges in the early dial period comes from two directories: one dated 1938 and one dated 1951. By the time of the second of these, many of the Los Angeles exchanges had entered the late dial period, but there were still a number in the early dial period. Oddly, and unlike every other city about whose exchanges I have found information, in Los Angeles there were early dial period exchanges and late dial period exchanges with the same name, operating at the same time. In most cities, such as Pittsburgh, the change from the early to the late dial period took place all at once, so if the exchange used two letters and four figures and its name was continued into the late dial period, an office numeral was simply added to make a late dial period exchange. In the small number of cities such as Atlanta where the changeover was spread over a significant period of time, the exchange names were totally changed. But in Los Angeles, for example, both RIchmond xxxx and RIchmond 7-xxxx numbers coexisted at the same time.

Because there were a number of exchanges listed in the 1951 directory which were nondialable from Los Angeles (and thus, when such a number was shown, it was given with only the first letter capitalized and not the first two), it cannot be determined whether they were in the pre-dial or the early dial period in 1951. They are not listed in the early dial period pages, but tabulated separately.

In addition, there were other exchanges which were listed as dialable in 1951 but of which I could not find any examples of listings. These might have already been set up in the late dial format, or they might still be early dial format exchanges, or they might be, as in the case of the RIchmond exchange mentioned earlier, exchange names found in both formats. For this reason, they are neither listed in the early dial period pages nor the late dial period pages, but tabulated separately.

This section is organized in the same way as is each geographical section of this site: by exchange. There are two tables, which can be described as alphabetical and numeric:

Alphabetic table of exchange names
Numeric table of exchange names

Los Angeles metropolitan area:
Main metropolitan Los Angeles page
Chronological periods of the metropolitan Los Angeles data:
Pre-dial period Early dial period Late dial period

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Last modified September 7, 2015.

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