Atlanta telephone exchanges after the mid-1950s

Unlike most cities, in Atlanta the transition from their traditional dialing pattern (in Atlanta, the first two letters of an exchange name followed by a four-digit number designating the individual line) to the standard United States pattern (two letters and five digits, the first of which was considered a part of the exchange) was stretched over a half decade. On August 21, 1955, some exchanges were converted to the standard pattern. However, until November 18, 1956, Atlanta constituted a mixed-pattern city, Atlanta constituted a mixed-pattern city, and both 2L-4N and 2L-5N numbers were the rule, depending on the exchange.

The tables that this page leads to give the exchanges in use in Atlanta after the mid-1950s, when the format of telephone numbers changed from two letters and four digits (two-letter exchange names) to two letters and five digits (two- letter-one-digit exchange names). For the exchanges prior to the mid-1950s, please see the section of this website devoted to pre-1955 Atlanta exchanges.

This section is organized in the same way as is each geographical section of this site: by exchange. There are three tables, which can be described as alphabetical, numeric, and alphabetical/numeric:

Alphabetic table of exchange names
Numeric table of exchange names
Alphabetic/Numeric table of exchange names

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Chronological periods of the Atlanta data:
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Last modified September 7, 2015.

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